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Travel on a shoe string budget with Graham Hughes

After watching this video many months back, it was clear that this had to be featured on our community blog.

Why not save money while traveling? Although we do not know (or have met) Graham Hughes we feel that he embodies the concept of SMART budget traveling while having fun and slightly cheeky!

These are the top 5 tips we got from Graham’s video:

1. Over land it: Travel overground!  There is nothing wrong with traveling via bus/train. you will definitely see a lot more than with flying.

2. Travel at nights!  Why not save money on accommodation and travel at night. Learn how to sleep on a bus/train!

3. Travelers insurance! Vital.. Particularly if you are planning on traveling for over a 2 weeks time. In addition to Grahams pointers, we add that you should also check with your credit card provider. You may already have travel insurance in your contract.

4. Bring your laptop/mobile! Update blogs and get connected with travel advisers.

5. Have a great story! Not to get free drinks, but to make friends! These friends can give you great insight in their city. Insight that can save you a lot of money.


So what one money saving advice would you give travelers ?? Just leave it below in the comment box!



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