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Top 10: Erotic Vacations

Number 10

Hedonism III

The newest resort from the chain that started it all, this is a couples-only retreat for those looking to spice up their relationship. Located at Runaway Bay in Jamaica, Hedonism III is the place to be for fun in the sun.

For singles: Couples only

For couples: On top of all the great features seen in the first two all-inclusive Hedonism resorts, Hedonism III has new features like tantra kits (with massage oils, body paint, whipped cream) to keep you up all night long, a clothing-optional pool and beach areas, and fantasy theme nights that will have you and your girl dressed up as sexy pirates, dancing the night away in fetish wear and more. If that doesn’t get you going, the free in-room Playboy channel and the mirrors over the beds might do the trick

Number 9

Caliente Resorts

This luxury clothing-optional resort near Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, (with an additional Tampa, Florida, location) is the perfect erotic vacation choice for travelers looking for a good time without tan lines.

For singles: Caliente hosts singles weeks that are geared toward erotic vacations for the single traveler with getting-to-know-you events and activities that help with mingling and pave the way for debauchery. Free-flowing alcohol and beach-front parties are sure to help you in your holiday hookup mandate.

For couples: With all the trappings of a luxury all-inclusive resort, the Caliente Resort offers up the best in everything for couples seeking an escape and a little extra time to spend together — naked or not. Choose the Caliente as your erotic vacation spot if you want the added bonus of vacationing at a spa with full-service facilities to pamper you and your lady after a long day or night of doing whatever you came here to do.

Number 8

Porn Week

For those who have always wanted to combine two of the biggest genres in the entertainment industry — reality TV and porn — this is the ultimate erotic vacation for men. Porn Week is a global phenomenon, and the locations change every week, so you can keep on going and never get bored.

For singles: Sign up for this erotic vacation and watch real porn movies being filmed while enjoying an all-inclusive vacation with the sexiest girls in adult films at the same time. There’s even a chance they’ll let you on the set for a guest role; need we say more?

For couples: Singles only

Number 7


Negril, Jamaica, is home to the flagship location of the SuperClubs family of resorts and is the crown jewel in their impressive roster of sultry Caribbean getaways.
For singles: The adults-only mandate at this erotic vacation locale ensures that you won’t be fighting for pool space with the kids, and you’ll be able to take advantage of the lure of paradise to relax and let loose. The wedding and honeymoon packages do skew the odds in favor of couples, but singles and groups won’t be overwhelmed with romance.

For couples: For active couples who like to work up a sweat and try new things, the Grand Lido has more facilities and activities than you can possibly take advantage of in just a week, not to mention that this resort is considered to be the best in the Caribbean and has 22 acres of ground to explore.

Number 6

Temptation Resort

This all-inclusive adults-only resort is in the tourist mecca of Cancun, Mexico, and offers a very social environment for couples and singles looking to get to know their fellow travelers.

For singles: The on-site Temptation Cast makes it their personal mission to trash inhibitions and get guests mingling and participating in games and activities that might not help you make a love connection but will definitely get you on the right track for some memorable moments.

For couples: Want more than laying on the beach and rubbing sun-tan lotion on your lady? On top of typical Mexican sun, surf and sand, you can send her off for a Sensual Fitness class that will have her ready to perform a lap dance, chair dance or work the pole for you when she gets back. Temptation hosts both singles and couples, but has emphasis on introducing guests and encouraging wild behavior with games and social events, and we all know that doesn’t just apply to the singles.

Number 5

Viking Exotic Resort

When these guys give the “all-inclusive” pitch, they aren’t just talking about food and drinks, they’re talking about the ladies as well. This Caribbean paradise near Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, is secluded, private and full-service — the epitome of luxury Caribbean splendor.

For singles: On top of the great weather, food and location, and depending on the package you choose, you’ll have access to anywhere from 1 to 10 private personal companions for your stay. The Ultimate Fantasy package secures two girls for each night of your stay; surely, that’s better than trying to do it on your own! Consider these gorgeous girls to be your girlfriend for the day — and night — and let them introduce you to all that Viking has to offer.

For couples: Best for singles

Number 4

Castle Milkersdorf

In the secluded countryside outside Brandenburg, Germany, Castle Milkersdorf hosts no-holds-barred weekend parties for couples looking to spice things up, either alone or with whomever else happens to cross their paths. To keep the anonymous and discrete parties top-secret, guests must stay in a nearby inn and are picked up at 8:30 p.m. and delivered back at 3:30 a.m.
great place to travel for sex
For singles: Couples only

For couples: Couples are encouraged to watch, be watched and get to know each other in medieval surroundings. This erotic vacation is strictly for those looking to explore their naughty side in a safe and private setting away from the crowds and without the resort-style staff cheerleaders. The secretive and historical setting will leave you feeling more like James Bond than a college kid on spring break, and the theme rooms will tempt you try all sorts of Bond-worthy shenanigans.

Number 3

Jules Undersea Lodge

Have a sexy undersea adventure looking out the glass windows (or even steaming them up) at the passing marine life in this underwater hotel off the coast of Key Largo, Florida.

For singles: Singles are welcome, but it might not be as erotic all by yourself, and with only a few rooms there’s a limit on your chances of meeting someone to take back to your room.

For couples: If it’s good enough for Steve Tyler of Aerosmith, you can be sure that you and your own personal groupie will get a rise out of the enclosed submarine-like atmosphere and unique sights. Looking to explore your partner in complete privacy, you’ll feel like you’re the only two people for miles, which is no doubt one of the reasonsSports Illustrated chose to shoot their iconic Swimsuit Issue here.

Number 2

Cap d’Agde

No list of erotic vacations can be complete without a nod to the ultimate purveyors of what is sexy — the French. The small seaside town of Cap d’Agde is the worldwide capital of nudism and swells in the summer to accommodate travelers from all over the world who are intrigued with the idea of a place that is all naked, all the time.

For singles: 
It might be a bit tricky to work your pickup lines on girls who are already naked, but at least it will save you the always awkward step of trying to figure out how to unhook her bra.

For couples: Shopping naked, eating naked, sunbathing naked, and doing just about everything else naked can be a huge turn-on for couples who have lost that spark and need a little reminder of just how desirable their partner is. You’ll get checked out, and so will she, and you’ll both get to survey the goods on display. For nighttime fun, be sure to check out one of the two couples-only, anything-goes nightclubs for a real eye-opener.

Number 1


This annual party and convention changes location every year and boasts a full weekend of swinger parties, erotic merchandise and opportunities for adventure.
For singles: Couples only

For couples: Whether you’re experienced with the swinging lifestyle or just curious about it, SwingFest is a full-service weekend of induction into the ways of swinging couples. Wild parties are mandatory, designated playrooms are optional and your lady will love the shopping opportunities for sexy lingerie, toys, fetish outfits, and introduction services for those looking for playmates. Because the location changes every year, no two SwingFests are ever the same.


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