Published on June 8th, 2013 | by Lisa

Plugged or unplugged …that is the question


Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, email, text, what’s app… the list goes on.  How connected are you when you travel? How integrated is your smart phone to your travel experience? We all “check in” to share the pictures and details of our latest travel destination with our friends and family. The food, the drinks, the sites, and the streets all make lovely pictures to post to have our friends “like” and “comment” on.  Social media is real time and allows the ones who stayed “local” to walk with us each step of our travels almost like they were with us.  It has replaced the old time 2 hour slide show of the vacation pictures that no happy wheels demo one wanted to see.

Wifi is a travelers best friend and I have personally found myself anxious if I can’t get a connection.  There is a feeling of success when you look at your travel mate and declare “hot spot”.   Which is interesting because many people travel to escape, how did as a society we become so addicted to being connected to home when we actually wanted a break from our day to day lives? Food for thought!!

When you travel do you “check in”?

Ps …Do I manage my smartphone or does it manage me?

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I don't travel to escape I travel to self discover. To see different parts of the world to build my personal tool kit. I enjoy the path less travelled to truly learn about the traditions and nuances of my fellow citizens of this great world. Born and raised in Toronto of Trinidadian descent I never forget my roots and as much as I love leaving on that jet plane I always find satisfaction in coming home to my great city to share the tales of my great adventures with my friends and family.

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