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Picking your next trip


where to go next

Picking your next trip can be harder than you think, especially if you have others travelling with you to consider. However, if you are planning on going alone here are a few things to consider before making that choice!

1. Length – If you only have a 3-7 days of holiday it’s best to travel 6 hours max by flight/bus/train/car/horse.. The last thing you want to be in transit for half a day or even greater. Reserve all that time for the location.

2. Hospitality – Captain obvious wouldn’t recommend a creepy hotel, but happy wheels demo there are more options than hotels. Couch surfing, B&B, room rental and so forth. Just do the research!

3. Food – You want to go to a place where the food suits your palate. The last thing you want to be is in a country where you cant get a club sandwich as a backup.

4. Different – While playing it safe on your next trip, it is still important to not do something “typical”.. Get out of your comfort zone and explore different cultures.


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