Passion and Fire

I have a passion and fire for travel. I haven’t written in a while because I haven’t travelled in a while. Life is busy – work – family and just stuff going on. I’m sitting here on a Friday night trying to figure out how to maintain my fire when I have no travel plans ahead. This is what I have come up with:

1. Google exotic places and destinations. Update my bucket list so when the time is right I can start crossing those places off my list.

2. Look at happy wheels demo old pictures and remind myself why in love travel.

3. Twitter – follow travelers and read blogs about other people on exciting adventures.

4. Write about all of the awesome trips and people I have met in the past.

5. Plan out local day trips to fees my thirst that will not make a dent in my wallet.

How would you manage this crisis? 🙂

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I don't travel to escape I travel to self discover. To see different parts of the world to build my personal tool kit. I enjoy the path less travelled to truly learn about the traditions and nuances of my fellow citizens of this great world. Born and raised in Toronto of Trinidadian descent I never forget my roots and as much as I love leaving on that jet plane I always find satisfaction in coming home to my great city to share the tales of my great adventures with my friends and family.

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