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Bahama Wedding

The Islands Of The Bahamas and romance goes hand in hand, and for a lifestage event such as a wedding, where else but Paradise?  With over 16 Islands to choose from, you can guarantee there is something for everyone.

Sharing my love of Romance and the Bahamas with you is truly a delight.  Before I take you on this romantic journey, I would like to remind you that a legal wedding in the Bahamas is a legal wedding in the United States.  Detailed information on legal marriage requirements is clearly outlined and published on

Planning your dream wedding in the Bahamas is hassle free and easy.  With a wide array of wedding experts in the Islands of the Bahamas, the biggest challenge you face is trying to decide which of the 16 diverse and  equally beautiful islands to choose from to celebrate that special day. 

*The Wedding Planners in the Bahamas are topnotch and are very skilled in working with you to achieve both the look you desire, the event you want and a budget to meet your needs and expectations.

*Most hotels in the Islands of the Bahamas have a ‘Director of Romance’ on staff and like any other destination you also have skilled independent Wedding Planners.

*Do promise that you will use the services of a Travel Agent and Destination Wedding Planner to help you with the planning of this important event.  Your travel agent will know who to contact, and work with, in the allocated budget.

*Depending on the number of guests attending you will want to happy wheels demo make sure that there are other hotels nearby offering a varied pricing structure, so your guests will choose their accommodations based on their budget.

*Islands Of The Bahamas Promotion – 16 Islands, 16 Weddings – One Priceless Day

The Islands Of The Bahamas is presently offering an unprecedented and fabulous ‘16 Islands, 16 Weddings – One Priceless Day’ promotion and if you qualify, you will have the opportunity to get married in paradise.  With this free wedding, you will have 16 Islands to choose from, along with a free tuxedo, wedding gown and wedding ring.  To learn more about this wonderful promotion visit: 

The Bahamas Wedding

With a short plane ride to paradise, (direct flights from all major gateways) language: English and the US$ accepted, you will have access to some of the most breathtaking islands and clearest waters on the planet.  The wide array of international restaurants mixed in with the local fare, guarantees that you will have many dining options. 

Do not forget to incorporate the local products in your wedding. The creativity of the vendors and the various products offered in the straw market, the shopping extravaganza (jewelry/perfume/fashion).  My favorite: a relaxing cup of ‘bush tea’ after a wonderful massage all make for a memorable trip to any one of the 16 Islands in the Bahamas.



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