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My Travel Cherry

What was your first time? That first trip that gave you the taste of adventure and kept you coming back for more? The trip that defined your travel style and made you that globetrotter at heart?

I didn’t travel often as a child. We had the road trip to Disney World, the annual camping trips and the occasional extended trip back to Trinidad to see the family.

I graduated from high school and entered University – just as I was expected to do. I did the typical Spring breaks in Cancun and Cuba. I finished University and entered the Corporate world just as I was expected to do.

Years passed and I realized something was missing. I yearned to see the world. I never did the back packing thing – my sisters had but I never wanted to. What was wrong with me? I was corporate.

I had a birthday coming up and after some time self reflecting I knew I had to celebrate that birthday in Europe – come rain or shine.
So I planned a big trip (big for me at the time). I saved up my pennies and planned to go to Europe for a month. This was huge for me. I now realize that trip was just a sample of the tasting menu of travel.

I remember landing in London Gatwick. What a feeling. I instantly felt energized. My adventure was about to begin. I defined my own itinerary. I didn’t want an organized trip. My trip, my time, my way.


I spent time in:
1. Budapest
2. Amsterdam
3. Berlin
4. Pisa
5. Florence
6. Rome
7. London


What a trip. This was such a growth experience for me. I learnt much about culture, food, people and most importantly about myself. That trip changed me forever. This was truly a self defining experience.

First times are amazing as they have a certain indelible ink that stamps our souls 4life. Years later and I am still smiling. Oh what a trip!

Where did you lose your travel cherry?

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I don't travel to escape I travel to self discover. To see different parts of the world to build my personal tool kit. I enjoy the path less travelled to truly learn about the traditions and nuances of my fellow citizens of this great world. Born and raised in Toronto of Trinidadian descent I never forget my roots and as much as I love leaving on that jet plane I always find satisfaction in coming home to my great city to share the tales of my great adventures with my friends and family.

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