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Published on May 24th, 2014 | by iDidGo Blog Team

Africa is rising, Emma’s Africa


Whilst one half of this drive writes from the Northern Hemisphere, the other half will begin writing from
the Southern. This logistically, is challenging. I’m not sure how we got from an idea, which was frankly
just another one of my big plans, to it actually becoming real. We really are driving from Cairo to
Cape?! I’m the big thinker… Maybe not always totally based in reality… To this Tristan offers the voice
of reason, reality and unending patience to my dream spouting verbal waffling.

I have this huge need to see it all for real with my own two eyes, to understand what it’s like to live a
basic life in a VERY confined space with someone else for FOUR months. Too, be a part of a challenge
where you are brought head to head with what you find most uncomfortable, and yet perhaps most
comfortable. What would happen if I actually want to live in a tent in the bush? Or just live in
Ethiopia…? The latter is a high possibility, the former not so much.

The next fascination to contend with is the option of how we can live our lives. Some live in big houses
in the country, others live in tiny flats in the city. Perhaps you live a nomadic life, never resting in one
place for too long; this may be out of habit for many, and it brings a new challenge. Then for some it is
not a question, it is a necessity to move on to find food. Big people and little people (children) intrigue
me; I guess that is why I became a Montessori teacher and then recently a Yoga teacher. How did you
come to choose your job, or did it choose you? Why are you in your current situation, do you have an
option? Maybe not.

I guess right now I am about to become Nomadic, my reason is to try and take in as much as possible
whilst considering all the above questions. To see how people have shaped their lives, whilst taking into
account their passions and challenges. Our individuality as humans has created numerous incredible
projects and communities that are all different. This journey gives me a unique experience to get a snap
shot, with my own two eyes, of all these different options and perhaps I will be able to have a better
understanding as to why.


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