Social Media + Booking = SocialBooking

After careful consideration, we had no choice but to get back to the laboratory and continue to evolve our community. Our competitors are strong, and getting stronger by the days, so it was important for us to really think through what is best for our audience. The ultimate goal is to merge social media with booking and reserving.

Travel movies that will re-ignite the romance (& inspire)


Are you looking to be inspired by travel? We’re actually not going to give you to the titles. We want you to help us! Yes, that’s right! Comment below and tell us your favorite travel movie and we’ll rank them!

Selecting your next trip

Picking your next trip

  Picking your next trip can be harder than you think, especially if you have others travelling with you to consider. However, if you are planning on going alone here are a few things to consider before making that choice! 1. Length – If you only have a 3-7 days of holiday it’s best to travel 6 hours max by… Read more →


Mulungu – the Defender

  With Emma back in the UK, preparations for our trip have just gone up a gear. We have spent a fruitful three days brainstorming, and ticked a lot of boxes off our interminable “to do” list. Last week, Emma wanted to check what the mileage on Mulungu – the Defender – was and decided to fill up the tank…… Read more →

Chris Moss The Telegraph

Why not Brazil..

  We know the world cup is on its way and Last week’s episode of Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown, in Brazil did not make it any easier to resist. Fortunately for you (and us) Brazil, it’s incredible culture and beautiful people aren’t going anywhere too soon! So there is still time to plan a trip. Besides it will be much cheaper… Read more →